Register for the 2024 Make An Impact Summer Innovation Academy hosted at Chapman University in partnership with AdvanceOC

Enroll in a carefully crafted curriculum with personalized mentorship sessions to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication, leadership, financial literacy, analytical risk assessment, negotiations and public speaking to jump-start career building skills that can be used to navigate through professional and personal lives.

Key Dates
Key Dates


Virtual Info Session #1: Wednesday, June 19th, 6-8pm


Class Session 1 (In Person): Saturday, TBD, 10am-3pm

Class Session 2 (In Person): Saturday, TBD, 10am-3pm

Class Session 3 (In Person): Saturday, TBD, 10am-3pm

Final Demo Day Presentation (In Person): Saturday, TBD, 10am-3pm

The MAP Innovation Academy Experience
Shlok Garg
Founder of DayZen
Northwood High School '25
“My experience at the Make an Impact Program motivated me to finally take action on turning my idea of creating a newsletter into a reality rather than ruminating on it for the past few months. The ideation techniques I learned, sparked my creative mindset to generate four more entrepreneurial ideas since the beginning of the program. More importantly, I learned where to start manifesting these ideas by thinking about market research, assessing the validity of the ideas, learning from competitors, and broadening my awareness of the existing market. Finally, I was able to take all of that knowledge and wrap it up into a pitch that, given the nature of my industry, would be key to not just inviting investors onboard my journey but appealing to the experts, influencers, and customers who would like to invest their time into my newsletter.”
Parsmi Rajput & Adora Luong
Founders of CoinCrafters Edu
Cypress High School '26
“The Make an Impact Program was a wonderful experience full of opportunities for growth, recognition, and most importantly, exposure to an aspect of the entrepreneurship world. Throughout these couple weeks, I was able to better develop and hone my working mindset, pitching, networking, and presenting skills, but most importantly, I was able to become a more confident speaker! From learning foundational topics about business, to getting insight from professionals in the workforce, to pitching to a panel of judges and receiving valuable feedback, this program was a fundamental step towards establishing and projecting my business!”
Dollin Ha
Founder of Healthy Life Better Life
Golden West College '25
“The MAP program has brought me knowledge that I knew nothing about at the start and in the end, gave me skills and knowledge on how to build a startup pitch deck in the few weeks I have attended that will set me up for success later in life. It was an amazing opportunity to work with the founders of MAP while learning and making progress along the way. I hope to continue on my journey to make an impact with my startup.”
Milena Telegina
Founder of Rehab VR Therapy
Oxford High School '25
“I loved the Make an Impact Program! I applied to it on a whim, not expecting much at first. However I decided to re-enroll for a second term as this program helped me find my passion and developed my interest in business. I learned all of my pitching, business and marketing skills from this program as I had no previous experience. Pitching to judges as well as networking at in person and online events I found through this program has greatly expanded my network of people and led to many other new opportunities.”
Kristine Sy
Founder of Inkbound
Mark Keppel High School '25
“Make an Impact made me more confident in my potential as an entrepreneur. As someone who hopes to pursue business in the future, I am better equipped with an understanding of the roles storytelling and social consciousness play in the business world. I learned so much from the program. I now understand how to create a customer persona, formulate a business model, and calculate the size of market. These skills will be useful whether I decide to create my own business, or help make another business more profitable.”
Why choose MAP Summer?
Present your innovative solutions to esteemed judges and program sponsors during the Final Demo Day, gaining invaluable experience in pitching your business idea and receive feedback to better enhance your business building skills.
Receive a Certificate of Achievement from the Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship , as well as a Letter of Recognition from the Director of the Chapman Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship to enhance your credentials and future prospects.
Acquire a comprehensive skill set including Business Development, Negotiation, Financial Literacy, Project Management, Leadership, Teamwork, Communication, and Human-Centered Design, preparing students for success in various professional settings.
Produce a Final Student Portfolio and Workbook detailing your journey, including problem identification, solution development, value propositions, and proposed next steps, demonstrating your practical accomplishments and strategic thinking.
Engage with mentors, peers, and industry professionals throughout the program on the Chapman University Campus and stay connected in the alumni network, fostering meaningful connections and gaining valuable support for your professional endeavors.
Free of Charge

The Make An Impact Summer Innovation Academy is committed to fostering inclusivity & accessibility in education. Due to costs graciously covered by our generous donors and sponsors, we are able to offer the program free of charge, eliminating financial barriers that might otherwise prevent talented students from participating. Our main is to provide equal opportunities for all aspiring innovators to develop their skills, connect with mentors, and make a meaningful impact, regardless of their financial circumstances. This approach ensures that the most promising ideas and talents can thrive, enriching both the participants and the broader community with diverse perspectives and innovative solutions.

Eligibility requirements
To be eligible for the Make An Impact Innovation Academy, applicants must be:
What you'll gain
Entrepreneurial Skill Development
Professional Career Advancement
Lifetime Access to Founders' Ecosystem
Schedule & Program Details
  • 4 weeks (Dates COMING SOON)
  • In-Person Once Every Saturday from 10am-3pm (Lunch will be Provided)
  • Virtual Office Hours During The Week
  • ⭐ Letter of Recognition from Dr. Cynthia West, Director of the Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics, which may be used as supplemental material for college applications
  • ⭐ Completed Innovation & Entrepreneurship Business Portfolio
  • ⭐ Certificate of Completion to the Make An Impact Innovation Summer Academy
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Virtual Info Session #1: Wednesday, June 19th, 6-8pm
In Person Orientation #2: Date TBD
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Who is encouraged to apply?
High school students aiming for college admission while nurturing their entrepreneurial spirit, gaining practical skills and insights that set them apart in college applications and future careers
Students exploring various career paths find a hands-on approach to discovering their passions and potentials, equipping them with entrepreneurial skills crucial for success in any field.
Young minds eager to turn their ideas into profitable ventures, learning the ropes of business while generating income and gaining financial independence during their high school years.
Aspiring student founders driven to make a difference and create value, leveraging their innovative perspectives to launch purpose-driven ventures and gain invaluable real-world experience
Blending academic excellence with practical business acumen to create a solid foundation for success in college and beyond.


What is the MAP (Make An Impact) Summer Academy?
When is the 2024 MAP Summer Academy Taking Place?
What is the MAP summer schedule?
How much homework are students given?
How much does the program cost?


What is the MAP
(Make An Impact)
Summer Academy?
When is the 2024 MAP 
Summer Academy Taking
What is the MAP 
summer schedule?
How much homework are
students given?
How much does the
program cost?