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Learn key concepts & essential Entrepreneurial Skills in just a matter of weeks
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2024 Make an Impact Summer Innovation Academy at Chapman University

Engaging experiences and impactful coaching for young, ambitious, first time founders with diverse backgrounds to begin their entrepreneurial journey and gain essential career building skills used to navigate through their professional and personal lives.


“We hope to inspire youth in our underserved communities to consider entrepreneurship as a career path.”


"Many think that working for large corporations is the best path, however, as our economy moves more and more into gig work, educating our youth to create their own destinies is key."

From the MAP Students
Join the next generation of leaders and innovators!
Shlok Garg
Northwood High School '25
"My experience at the Make an Impact Program motivated me to finally take action on turning my idea of creating a newsletter into a reality rather than ruminating on it"
Milena Telegina
Oxford High School '25
"Pitching to judges as well as networking at in person and online events I found through this program has greatly expanded my network of people and led to many other new opportunities.”
Kristine Sy
Mark Keppel High School '25
"Make an Impact made me more confident in my potential as an entrepreneur. As someone who hopes to pursue business in the future, I am better equipped with an understanding of the roles storytelling and social consciousness play in the business world."